ReArm your Motion!


I’m working as ‘data management analyst’ which means pretty much 98% computer work… so by the end of the day my hands and arms are tired and in pain. Fortunately, I’ve found about the ‘arm roller’, I’ve tried and love it and I probably could have not continued my work if I wouldn’t have the roller to use every day or every second day… for me it’s a life saver, or arms saver to be really accurate. I really recommend this wonderful arm massager to anybody who’s doing a lot of computer work or any other activity that gets the arms overworked and/or doing repetitive motions.

Camelia R.

I've been a massage therapist for 11 years and see about 5 to six clients a day 5 days a week. I have been using the prototype ReArm very often generally I use it in between my clients which is approximately 3 minutes per arm. It has improved my work performance as well as reduced my discomfort at night while sleeping. I currently await to own my own!! I highly recommend this product to anyone who uses their arms and hands for work.

Antonio Montemurro, RMT

I’m a senior legal assistant working at an international downtown law firm in Calgary. My job consists of sitting at my desk on a daily basis, using my computer and keyboard 80% of my day. Since the mid-1990’s, I’ve suffered with carpal tunnel in both hands (right and left). Between 2003 to 2006, I had an appointment with a doctor at a Hospital and he did tests on both hands. At that time, the doctor felt my problem wasn’t severe to operate. In September, 2013, I went to another doctor. He did tests on both hands and found that my left-hand was worse than my right-hand. In February 2014, I was scheduled to have an operation at Rockyview Hospital on my left-hand. Since purchasing ReArm on March 2, 2015, I’m using the device five (5) days a week for 5 minutes from Monday to Friday. I’ve noticed a big improvement and don’t feel as much pain (e.g. pins and needles feeling). When sleeping at night, the pain has decreased and I can sleep comfortably. It has improved and strengthen my mobility in all areas. Now, I can squeeze my fingers completely without them hurting or aching. When using my keyboard at work or at home, I find that I can type a lot freely and faster. Presently, I can straighten out my wrists at a 40% angle and will continue to use this device until both hands are at 100%. I am happy to say that this is an excellent device and a great investment for individuals who suffer with carpal tunnel.

Barb L., Calgary AB, Canada

ReArm Forearm Roller

Hi my name is Andrew Walker, I have been using the ReArm for the past month and have seen a noticeable improvement in my wrists range of motion. I have worked at a Starbucks as a manager for the past several years which involves a lot of repetitive motion thus putting a large strain on my wrists. As someone that is new to the field of massage therapy, I have noticed that a large number of my clients have some forearm or wrist issue that I am massaging for them every time they come in for a session. Using a ReArm myself I always recommend them to my clients to help improve rye wrist (stiff wrist) or for any client that has repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Andrew Walker*, BPE, Kinesiology, Orthopedic Specialist, RMT, Calgary AB, Canada

Being a receptionist at a busy retirement home I constantly find myself in front of the computer. Poor posture (I do admit) and constantly typing has caused my forearms and wrists to ache as well as get pins and needles from time to time. Since starting to use the ReArm arm roller I find have found relief. Its easy, only three minutes an arm a few times a week and I feel great. I highly recommend this product to anyone in my line of work. It has definitely been a miracle for me.

Brenna Lee*


Some of these testimonials (*) come from health professionals involved in the design of the ReArm Forearm Roller. We enthusiastically practice what we preach!