ReArm your Motion!

ReArm your Motion!

Is repetitive strain injury (RSI), such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), making it hard for you to type without pain?

Do you regularly engage in activities such as keyboard typing, rock climbing or playing a musical instrument, that leads to your forearms becoming tight and uncomfortable?

If so, you we're confident you'll benefit from our ReArm Forearm Roller.

  •  A portable, easy to use table-mounted roller constructed from high quality steel and high-density polyethylene (HDPE).
  • Three rollers in a unique configuration apply pressure above and below your arm, tension controlled by changeable bands to accommodate a wide range of physiques.
  • Unique divots in the rollers pick up fascia, skin and tissue to lift rather than compress, for much improved treatment.
ReArm Roller
General Techniques

Personal, Clinical, Corporate Application

  • The ReArm Roller works equally well for personal use, or in clinical applications as part of a professionally guided massage therapy or manual osteopathy treatment plan.
  • Massage Therapists and Manual Osteopathy Practitioners use the ReArm Roller to treat their arms between patients and tell us they couldn't do without it!
  • We can provide Corporate Programs where the ReArm Roller is made available to employees in conjunction with support, training and professional treatment programs.

See Forearm Roller for more information.

Treating Repetitive Strain Injury

What our customers are saying:

I’m working as ‘data management analyst’ which means pretty much 98% computer work… so by the end of the day my hands and arms are tired and in pain. Fortunately, I’ve found about the ‘arm roller’, I’ve tried and love it and I probably could have not continued my work if I wouldn’t have the roller to use every day or every second day… for me it’s a life saver, or arms saver to be really accurate. I really recommend this wonderful arm massager to anybody who’s doing a lot of computer work or any other activity that gets the arms overworked and/or doing repetitive motions.

Camelia R., June 2016

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