ReArm your Motion!

Features and Benefits

 Here is a summary of the benefits you receive:

 1) Unique Patent Pending High Density Polyehylene (HDPE) roller

2) Uniquely Designed Patent Pending Divets in HDPE roller

3) Patent Pending Open Case Design

4) Double Suction cups

5) Uniquely Designed Patent Pending Ball and Roller Design

6) Uniquely Designed Patent Pending Tension Bands

7) Tension Bands

8) Patent Pending Stainless Steel Case

9) Patent Pending Unique Axle system

10) Unique Patent Pending Design

11) Unique Patent Pending Design

12) Unique Patent Pending Design

13) Uniquely Designed Patent Pending High Density Polyehylene (HDPE) roller

14) High Density Polyehylene (HDPE) roller

15) High Density Polyehylene (HDPE) roller

16) Overall Unique Patent Pending Design


To use the device after it set up-users limbs i.e. hand wrist or forearm is inserted into the space either from the front to the rear of the device. In a preferred situation the individual inserts from the front to allow the stabilizing lip of the device to push against the table. 


This unique feature allows the user to push further into the technique, eliminating potential bad positioning and optimizing beneficial effects relative to the therapeutic components and rollers.


The therapeutic components are now in contact and properly aligned with the areas that require massage and/or treatment.


This perfectly self controlled positioning distributes components and rollers to avoid excessive contact is sensitive and delicate tissues. 


Once positioned the patient moves the forearm back-and-forth in between the upper and lower rollers to repeat remaining in contact with therapy components and the length of the back-and-forth and twisting if desired.


Treatment is simply and effectively delivered via a number of STT methods: by compression, stretching lifting and torsion of the skin fascia and superficial somatic soft tissue of the limb when the treatment session is completed the limb maybe pulled out of the space or repositioned for further therapeutic effects.


Simply increase or decrease the techniques used and desired tension for future sessions, by changing the color coded tension bands as each have a different spring consistency.


Progressive future treatment sessions may take place after lasting desired effects ad recovery have been achieved or as needed. Now you're on your way to significantly improved flexibility, strength and endurance and general overall pain free movement ( AROM).


Don't take my word for it.  Listen to what our customers say.


Being a receptionist at a busy retirement home I constantly find myself in front of the computer. Poor posture (I do admit) and constantly typing has caused my forearms and wrists to ache as well as get pins and needles from time to time.  Since starting to use the ReArm arm roller I find have found relief.  Its easy, only three minutes an arm a few times a week and I feel great.  I highly recommend this product to anyone in my line of work.  It has definitely been a miracle for me.


Brenna Lee


I have been using this unit for about a month now. I have been performing massage therapy for 14yrs and I am very happy that rearm has been invented. My arms are very tight and sore by the end of my work week. Seeing my massage therapist would cost me a lot of money for the amount of treatments I need to keep me going. With rearm I can now work on my arms every 3 days and by following the different treatment plans it comes with created by a local osteopath Peter Turner. it has been a life changer for me. I have gotten 80 percent of my flexion and extension back in my wrists and find my arms don't go to sleep anymore when I sleep. very impressed with the circulation I feel now and my therapist does not have to spend as much time on my arms and can spend more time on my other tight areas. would recommend this unit to anyone using there arms and hands on a daily basis to PREVENT and help with any chronic issues. 


Dino Gradilone, Orthopedic Specialist, RMT. Calgary, AB,Canada.

I’m a senior legal assistant working at an international downtown law firm in Calgary.  My job consists of sitting at my desk on a daily basis, using my computer and keyboard 80% of my day.

Since the mid-1990’s, I’ve suffered with carpo tunnel in both hands (right and left).  Between 2003 to 2006, I had an appointment with a doctor at a Rockview Hospital and he did tests on both hands.  At that time, the doctor felt my problem wasn’t severe to operate.  In September, 2013, I went to another doctor.  He did tests on both hands and found that my left-hand was worse than my right-hand. In February 2014, I was scheduled to have an operation at Rockyview Hospital on my left-hand.  


Since purchasing ReArm on March 2, 2015, I’m using the device five (5) days a week for 5 minutes from Monday to Friday.  I’ve noticed a big improvement and don’t feel as much pain (e.g. pins and needles feeling).  When sleeping at night, the pain has decreased and I can sleep comfortably.  It has improved and strengthen my mobility in all areas.  Now, I can squeeze my fingers completely without them hurting or aching.  When using my keyboard at work or at home, I find that I can type alot freely and faster.


Presently, I can straighten out my wrists at a 40% angle and will continue to use this device until both hands are at 100%.  I am happy to say that this is an excellent device and a great investment for individuals who suffer with carpo tunnel.


Barb Layne, Calgary AB, Canada

Hi my name is Andrew Walker, I have been using the ReArm for the past month and have seen a noticeable improvement in my wrists range of motion.  I have worked at a Starbucks as a manager for the past several years which involves a lot of repetitive motion thus putting a large strain on my wrists. 


As someone that is new to the field of massage therapy, I have noticed that a large number of my clients have some forearm or wrist issue that I am massaging for them every time they come in for a session. Using a ReArm myself I always recommend them to my clients to help improve rye wrist (stiff wrist) or for any client that has repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. 


Andrew Walker, BPE, Kinesiology, Orthopedic Specialist, RMT, Calgary AB, Canada.


As a Manual Osteopath and a former health and fitness consultant to patients, pro athletes and amateurs alike the ReArm™device does nothing but complement the patient and clients treatment sessions. ReArm™ now allows the individual greater participation and ensures a successful outcome in their treatment plan. ReArm™ quite literally ReArms the patient and eliminates unneeded or excessive visits to see your practitioner. This device gives the patient and athlete alike a better than average rate of recovery.


Peter Turner, DO ( MP) DCEOMB, BPE( DIP) Sport Therapist and RMT. Edmonton AB, Canada.


I've been a massage therapist for 11 years and see about 5 to six clients a day 5 days a week. I have been using the prototype  reArm very often generally I use it in between my clients which is approximately 3 minutes per arm.It has improved my work performance as well as reduced my discomfort at night while sleeping. I currently await to own my own!!  I highly recommend this product to anyone who uses their arms and hands for work.
Antonio Montemurro, RMT



Warning: Do NOT buy any Arm Roller 

unless it meets the following 6 criteria


There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. I want to give you 6 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any solution you obtain: 


Patent Pending Design Stability - allows for multiple Soft Tissue Techniques to be performed properly. Stability and precision of techniques are unmatched because you have absolute control over the stabilized frame. Other models of rollers require the use of a hand or limb to stabilize the device which may or may not produce a loss of force delivery as the vector may be altered.


Unique Patent Pending Tension Control Bands allow you to determine the Correct Tension for that specific technique and whats best is the tension is stable and passive. This means you don't have to push or strain unnecessarily, as with other rollers.


Smooth Seamless Pressure Delivery-created by the combination of Unique Patent Pending Lever Arm and Tension Bands creating relatively constant torque. This means that your treatment is pleasant and not painful throughout the motion. When the force is delivered by the user via a consistent mechanism such as this and is sale imposed the quantity of force delivery is less self limiting according to pain: thereby, much safer allowing the restrictive barrier to be reached and the somatic dysfunction to be more aggressively death with. This is particularly evident when over-sensitization of a limb due to injury as with other devices of which the user controls the pressure may detract from the overall therapeutic effect * In practice, the force other rollers provide is inconsistent and variable at best.


Effortless and Smooth Rolling Action Delivery-Unique Patent Pending High Density Polyehylene (HDPE) Roller delivers multiple somatic tissue effects with reduced friction force (pressure) only as intended.


Variable and Diverse Technique Delivery Unique Patent Pending Unit Design - Allows for a multitude of massage and soft tissue techniques to be administered. These techniques can be self administered or even perform by a Manual Therapist , Massage Therapist, Physiotherapist or an Osteopath who will manipulate the of tissue with various techniques: compression, stretching, twisting, shearing and shearing reducing pain, swelling and reduced range of motion of the affected area. A more specific manipulation may aim to lift the skin, the fascia and the superficial soft tissue including myofascial release.


Multiple Unique Patent Pending High Density Polyehylene (HDPE) Rollers of Multiple Shape and Texture due to Patent Pending Rollers. Dimpled may generate suction on the skin by forming a temporary seal when pressed against the and rolled against the skin. The Unique Design of yet another roller ( not shown ) Angled Ridges and Grooves may produce a twisting and shearing force on the skin and soft tissue.-Bumps and Knobs Roller ( not shown) stretch the skin and soft tissue at point of contact .


You get at least 10 times your money's worth!


REARM™ INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY FORMULA= More Time for Fitness, >Fun and Making Money!

REDUCE YOUR OVERALL TREATMENT COSTS by reducing “extra” costly and unnecessary visits to your Health Practitioner, helps aid your therapist to treat you between visits.  




SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE YOUR PAIN, with regular and consistent usage. Lengthening and strengthening muscles reduces stress and strain on the forearm. A longer, more supple muscle is a stronger muscle. 


SAVES YOU LOST WORK TIME and FRUSTRATION, as a Professional working in your environment.


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You can't lose with our 100%, iron-clad, money back guarantee




Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can't-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked, iron-clad money back guarantee. If for any reason, you aren't thrilled and satisfied with our product, just contact us (or send the product back) within 1 month and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price.


Warranty :


*warranty when used as directed.