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Our Story

We’re a small team of health professionals working in massage and manual osteopathy practices in Calgary, Alberta. Over many years of practice, we’ve seen and treated the effects of repetitive strain injury for our clients and patients. While traditional approaches to treating these conditions are effective, they can be time consuming and costly.

To help in treating these types of conditions, we decided to create the ReArm Forearm Roller so that our patients could self-treat their forearms, and allow our therapists to concentrate on other areas of their bodies that required attention. In the process, we found that we’d created a therapy tool that not only helped our clients and patients but also allowed us to effectively treat our our forearms between patient appointments and significantly reduce the stress on our own bodies.

We recommend the ReArm Forearm Roller not only to people suffering from or wishing to avoid RSI, but also to massage professionals for day-to-day use to prevent the strain on our bodies which can impact our ability to do the job we love!


Dino Gradilone
Dino Gradilone, Director
Orthopedic RMT
Dino has over 16 year of experience as a massage therapist. Since 2003 he has operated his own clinic, Target Health, in Calgary (Alberta, Canada). He received his Thai Massage Level 2 certification in Thailand, and in 2014 he upgraded to 2200 hours Orthopedic Massage with the Turner Institute.
Peter Turner
Peter Turner, C.E.O.
DO (MP), DCEMOB, B. S.C. O., Ph.D. Manual Osteopathy,   Sports Therapist, RMT
Peter has taught Health based Sciences for more than 7 years at the College Level. He currently consults for companies designing injury prevention programs, on-site manual and massage therapy programs and complete fitness and wellness programs, as well as working with amateur and professional athletes, as well as actors in the motion picture industry.
As a previous competitive amateur athlete, Peter excels at designing fitness programs for general fitness and sport-specific conditioning for all ages. For over 15 years, he has been active in the treatment of Muscular & Chronic Soft Tissue Pain and consistently demonstrates the importance that prescribed regular exercise has on the prevention of muscular pain and dysfunction.  His services have been provided to Paramount Pictures, Creative Door Canada, Air Canada, Canadian Airlines and Dow Chemical.


Refund Policy

If for any reason, you aren't satisfied with your new ReArm Forearm Roller, just contact us (or send the product back) within 30 days and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price.



We're confident your new ReArm Forearm Roller will give you years of trouble free service when used as directed. All parts are guaranteed under normal use for 1 year, but we will review any reasonable claim on a case-by-case basis and may provide warranty outside of this 1 year period at our discretion.



As with any massage procedure or device, excessive use may cause bruising, pain, or injury. Use as directed, and in consultation with your health practitioner.